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Brook Design - MARINE PS4 Wireless / Wired Adapter for PS4, PS3, SW, Android, PC (XID) and Mac iOS

S$ 98.00


With “Brook MARINE” you can use PS4 controller wirelessly across 6 platforms (PS4, PS3, Switch, Android, PC and Mac). With 4 paddles allows gamers to setup turbo and remap with ease.

You can say goodbye to “out of power” when faced with big challenges, “MARINE” will release the full potential of your PS4 controller to rock your gaming experience!

IMPORTANT - Before using this product, you must install 18650 battery (battery not included)


- Support PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Android, PC and Mac
- Wireless and Wired Control
- Support Turbo and Remap
- 4 Extra customizable buttons
- Replaceable 18650 battery (not included)
- Support Motion Control (for PS4/SW)
- Audio Function (for PS4)

What's Included

1 x MARINE Adapter
2 x Paddle
2 x Paddles (s)
1 x User Guide
1 x Lock Tool