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Brook Design - Power Bay Ethernet

S$ 80.00


Brook Power Bay, the newest masterpiece from world-famous fighting games eSports brand Brook Gaming, has been well-received by Super Smash Bros and Switch players.

Power Bay ignited enthusiastic discussions among players, by integrating GameCube controller adaptors, Bluetooth wireless connection as well as a Switch dock that supports functions such as TV mode.

Lower ping, more fun!

Wired connections without LAG, the easiest way to decrease your ping and increase download speed on Nintendo Switch

  • UP to 100Mbps stable wire connection

Smaller, Lighter, Better

2 GameCube adapter ports and 2 USB ports built-in, allowing smash players to use their familiar GameCube controllers for zero-latency Switch gaming. 

  • GC controller is the best choice from Smash Bros, players because of the lowest latency & most stable connection.

Smash Now

2 GameCube Port built-in

If you are a Super Smash Bros. true supporter, I think you have got the point.

Super Smash Bros. has always been a milestone for all gamers, either when you hang out with friends or have fun with family. The GameCube Controller represents the best of every happy time (cheering after winning) and touching moments (weeping after losing).

”Power Bay Series” also allow you to set the GameCube Controller to the continuous mode.

*The default controller is recognized Game Cube controller.

More information on Power Bay 

Please visit Brook Gaming direct link or via Brook Accessories main page