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Brook Design - Ras1ution Racing Wheel Converter

S$ 145.00


Include all Brook Gaming technology, the great evolution of Brook Super Converter.

You can play all kinds of racing games on different consoles with your favorite device by Ras1ution!


- Support PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
- Support different kinds of racing wheel controllers
- Use a mobile App to update firmware and set rotation angles easily
- Enjoy the lag-free game experience

1. Evolution of Converter
2. Brook HUD
3. Customize setting
4. Ras1ution app update
5. Sports car design
6. Detachable braided cable
7. Easy to take and control


Brook offers the Ras1ution app. You can download it from the App store / Google play.
After connecting your mobile device to ras1ution by Bluetooth, you can set and save different modes as needed. (The profiles will save in your phone, and you can use it no matter where you are.)


Users can update the Ras1ution firmware via the app (Bluetooth) or set up different profiles, which can be saved on mobile devices wherever they are used.

How to use

1. Connect the Ras1ution converter to the console
2. Connect your racing wheel to USB port 1
3. Press the start button to choose the platform (switch on the left or right key) and press the start button again to save
4. You can set the force feedback strength (+/- 5 stages)/steering range (+/- 5 stages)/ Language on menu and press start button to save
5. In force feedback strength and steering range pages, you can press the left or right key to increase or decrease, and press the start button to save.
6. In setting pages, you can press down key to resume default setting or press up key back to the menu.
7. Brook supply the Ras1ution app, you can download from App store/Google play to set and save the mode as you wish (this profile will save in your mobile, you can connect it no matter where you are)
8. You can connect to PC or using Bluetooth to update the firmware of Ras1ution


The list below indicates the wheels that have been tested to be compatible or not compatible with the converter.

For those wheels which are not listed indicates that they have not been tested yet.

Logitech : Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel
Logitech : G25
Logitech : G27
Logitech : G29
Logitech : Logitech Driving Force Pro
Microsoft : Wireless Racing Wheel