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Brook Design - Wingman SD

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Saturn and Dreamcast are the common memory of a generation, and now we provide more ways to tap the potential of these two consoles. Now you can use Xbox Series X|S (wired use, additional 5V power may be needed on Saturn), Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, SEGA Astro City mini, MEGA Drive mini controllers on them, and the Switch Pro controller, Xbox Elite controller, Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, Xbox adaptive controller, even Retro-Bit Saturn USB controller, Standard USB Keyboard(DC Only), Astro city mini arcade stick, Toodles_Cthulhu_Multi-Console_PCB, NACON DAIJA arcade stick are all supportable.

Support to backup DC VMU on PC

  • On PC, hold down Start +Up for 2 seconds
  • Execute Brook_Dreamcast_VMU_SL_Tool_202011109_2.exe, you can backup DC VMU on PC with this software.

Connecting to the Device

  • Connect Wingman SD to Saturn / Dreamcast / PC via port. Permanently light of the Console Green LED of Wingman SD indicates that the connection to the console is successful.
  • Wired Connection:

Connect the Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / Switch wired controller or game pad to Wingman SD through the USB port. Some devices with high power consumption, such as the Switch Pro controller, require an external USB power source for normal use.

Using a X360 wireless controller:

Simply connect the wireless X360 wireless receiver to the Wingman SD through the USB port.

Using Xbox One wireless controller / Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller:

Connect the Xbox One wireless controller (Bluetooth model) or the Xbox One Elite Series 2 to the Wingman SD and the controller will be ready for use. When connecting, hold the Brook Key on the Wingman SD for 1 second to enter wireless pairing mode. Then press the Pair button on the wireless controller to begin pairing. Fast blinking of Device Red LED of Wingman SD indicates that pairing is in progress.

Using PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller:

After completing the connection according to the instructions of the Wired Connection, remove the USB cable, and then wake up the PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller.

  • Check whether the Device Red LED of the Wingman SD is permanently on. This indicates that the connection is completed.

Connection Pairing Supplementary Instructions

Holding the Brook Key on the Wingman SD for 1 second will activate wireless connection pairing mode. The Wingman SD will engage in pairing with surrounding Bluetooth devices. The pairing mode will end if:

  • The connection pairing with the wireless controller is successful.
  • The connection pairing is unsuccessful after 90 seconds.
  • The Brook Key is held for 1 second.

Wireless connection records between an Xbox One wireless controller (with Bluetooth function) / Xbox One Series 2 and the Wingman SD will be erased if a wired connection is used. Wireless connection re-pairing will be required if wireless connection is used.

If Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller is used, please turn off controller profile settings to prevent interference with Wingman SD’s Turbo or Remap settings. As Xbox One Elite Series 1 controller is incapable of turning off profile settings, using Xbox One Elite Series 1 controller might result in Remap function overlapping.

More information on Wingman SD 

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