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Brook Design - Pocket Auto Catch Reviver PLUS

S$ 88.00


Product launch in October 2021 - Pocket Autocatch Reviver Plus is Waterproof and Dustproof Grade (IP67).
New institutional design! Prevent from falling out of wrist strap.

It has the battery power indication and also has vibration notification upon disconnection from the device.

Get a Pocket Autocatch Reviver PLUS for Pokemon Go to save your time for your family bonding.
You can multitask as father, mother, daughter or son while as a Pokemon hunter!

- Auto catch Pokemon found on wild and collect items from Pokestop/Gyms.

- Vibration feedback to alerts you or you can simply disable vibration to conserve the battery consumption 

- it will also tell you when it's time to re-charge the battery

- You can switch auto pairing mode after pairing is successful

- Autocatch firmware is upgrade-able

- Support IOS 9 - 14, and Android 

- *New feature* Battery indication - you will know when to charge your gadget

- *New feature* Notify user (by vibrate) upon getting bluetooth disconnection from device. 

- 1 year local warranty

## This product is not sponsored, endorsed or approved by The Pokemon Company or Niantic ##

What's is included

1 x Pocket Autocatch Reviver PLUS
1 x User Manual
1 x Charging USB
1 x User Manual (in 4 language)


- Device requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone with Pokemon Go app installed.

- Auto catch works for both Android and IOS

- Compatible with Android devices with 2 GB RAM or more, bluetooth smart (bluetooth ver. 4.0 or higher) capability, and Android Ver.4.4-6.0 installed.

Aid in Field Research

"Streak Broken"... Not again?!!

Almost impossible to complete a challenging field research?
We have a perfect solution for you. Here are the details steps.

When you encounter Pokemon found on wild, tap on the Pokemon. Check if you are confident in catching the Pokemon. If you are confident and very confirmed that you are not breaking the streak, then do manual catch. Else, you do use Brook Pokemon Gadget to manual catch. It will not break the streak even if the Pokemon run away. So you may continue your search for the Pokemon that has higher chance for great/excellent throw to complete the research.


- Pocket Auto Catch Reviver will time out automatically every hour, so players have to reconnect it.
- Pocket Auto Catch Reviver will time out every 3-5minutes if the mobile is idle.
- Better keep it among -20℃~45℃
- Suggested charging temperature: 10℃~35℃


1. How long is does charging take/last for?

Ans: A full charge takes approx. 1 hour+ and lasts for approx. 12-24 hours with continuous use.

2.Does it auto disconnect every hour?

Ans: Yes. It's work exactly like regular Pokemon Go Plus

3. Does it auto-spin at Gyms?

Ans: Yes.

4. Can you be banned for using Brook Pocker Series?

Ans: No. This device only registers as a "Pokemon GO +Plus device". It is still using the appropriate API and appropriate BLE signature. THIS DOES NOT ALTER OR MANIPULATE THE GAME DATA IN ANYWAY. It does not violate the terms of service and/or infringe on Niantic or Nintendo's agreement with "end users". This device is simply a peripheral as is the "Pokemon GO Plus" device

5. When charging why is the charging only last for 10 seconds.

Ans: Indeed the Autocatch is midst of charging. The OLED display will goes off approxiately 10 seconds.