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Brook Design - Wingman XE2

S$ 67.00


It supports PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, over 125 controllers, 5-speed turbo button setting, and self-defined button layout features! 

You may enjoy gaming on PS4/PS3/Switch/PC with your favorite controller.


The new-generation Wingman XE 2 controller converter supports PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. You may enjoy gaming on PS4/PS3/Switch consoles with your favorite controller.

Wingman XE 2 supports over 125 original and authorized controllers with wired and wireless connections, including the XSX/Xbox One/Elite 2/PS5/PS4/PS3/Switch controllers. Besides the buttons remapping feature, the 5-speed turbo button setting is also included to unleash the potential of your controllers and be the winner of every game.



Wingman XE 2 Cross-Platform Controller Converter x1

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