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"Streak Broken"... Not again?!! 

Almost impossible to complete a challenging field research?
One good example is "Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row".
The reward for above field research is Larvitar. (Shiny drop chance)

And all Pokemon Hunters hate to see "Streak Broken"!
This means that you need to restart to accumulate 'the catch in a row". I know, it's hurt! Ouch!

Now, smile.. we have a perfect solution for you. Brook Pocket Auto Catch / Trainer (Brook Pokemon Gadget)

Here is the details steps. 

When you encounter Pokemon found on wild, tap on the Pokemon. Check if you are confident in catching the Pokemon. If you are confident and very confirmed that you are not breaking the streak, then do manual catch. Else, you do use Brook Pokemon Gadget to manual catch. By pressing the touch button on Brook Pokemon Gadget, it will not break the streak even if the Pokemon run away. So you can maximize the stardust and XP gain for every Pokemon you encounter on wild.

How to enable manual catch on Brook Pocket Gadget?

You must setup the catching Pokemon mode to manual on the second option, and third (catch new Pokemon) function of Pokemon. Ensure a 'X' on the second and third function.

When encounter Pokemon found on wild, tap on the Pokemon. If you are not confident of catching the Pokemon with Great/Excellent throws, click on the escape icon location on the top left screen. Then press the touch button on gadget to activate manual catch Pokemon.

In the event if the Pokemon run away, it will not break the streak.
So you may continue your search for the Pokemon that has higher chance for great/excellent throw to complete the research.

How to get Pocket Autocatch?
Currently we have promotions for Pocket Autocatch and Pocket Trainer. 

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Advice: Always use nanab berry with regular/red ball combo, and there is a chance of repeat throws. 

List of Pokemons with large radius are: