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Brook Design - GC to SW Controller Adapter

S$ 52.00

GC to SW Controller Adapter

With this controller adapter, you can connect 4 GameCube controllers to your Switch.


This controller adapter is to be used with Switch. It allows you to connect four GameCube controllers to one Switch. Connection to the Switch from the controller adapter is via USB.

The controller adapter supports the Turbo fire function.


The best accessory for SUPER BOMBERMAN R!
With the GC to SW Controller Adapter, you can connect 4 Gamecube controller to your Switch.
And if you connect 2 GC to SW Controller Adapter, up to 8 friends can play at the same time!
Support Turbo fire function!!

Turbo setting
1. There are 10 buttons to set the additional Turbo function(X、Y、A、B、L、ZL、Left Thumb Stick Button、R、ZR、Right Thumb Stick Button)。
2. Hold down the Turbo Key, then press the original button that has not set the Turbo function, that way you can set the button with additional Turbo function.
Press the button that has already set the Turbo function, then can be able to cancel the additional Turbo function.
3. When the Turbo function button is pressed, the LED blinks according to the Turbo output frequency.
Caution: When the controller re-plug, the channel will clear all the key function with turbo.