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Brook Design - Sniper Precision Mouse and Keyboard Converter for Consoles

S$ 220.00

2016 Brook FPS Keyboard and Mouse Converter.
Use mouse and keyboard on Xbox One and PS4 - YouTube

Brook brings the newest revolutionary mouse and keyboard converter to allow gamers to use their favorite mouse and keyboard on consoles like Xbox One and PS4. Designed specifically for FPS games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, and Titanfall

Sniper App:

 Exquisite UI design
 Super easy to use
 Real-time applying with blue-tooth devices
 Optimized config for popular games
 Online storage

Sniper Precision Mouse and Keyboard Converter includes:

 Brook Sniper (92 x 48 x 120 mm)
 USB Cable
 Quick Start Guide
 iOS / Android App can be downloaded from App Store / Google Store.
 (iTunes or Google Play search "BrookSniper" )