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Brook Design - Pocket Auto Catch Carry

S$ 78.00


Product launch in August 2023 - Pocket Autocatch Carry has brand new features and designs, including "Horizontal/vertical display rotation", "Dual-devices connection" feature,  "Type-C charging", and "Gold capacitor", lead you to a new Pocket era with unprecedent catching fun!

It has the battery power indication and also has vibration notification upon disconnection from the device. 

Get a Pocket Auto Catch Carry for Pokemon Go to save your time for your family bonding.
You can multitask as father, mother, daughter or son while as a Pokemon hunter!

- Auto catch Pokemon found on wild and collect items from Pokestop/Gyms.

- Vibration feedback to alerts you or you can simply disable vibration to conserve the battery consumption 

- it will also tell you when it's time to re-charge the battery

- You can switch auto pairing mode after pairing is successful

- Autocatch firmware is upgrade-able

- Support IOS 9 - 14, and Android 

- *New feature* Battery indication - you will know when to charge your gadget

- *New feature* Notify user (by vibrate) upon getting bluetooth disconnection from device. 

- 1 year local warranty

## This product is not sponsored, endorsed or approved by The Pokemon Company or Niantic ##


Brilliant, animated icons!

1.11" color display enriches icon vividness and presents higher variety.

Intuitive rotation display!

You can select "vertical" or "horizontal" display modes based on different usage scenarios.

Dual-Devices Connection 

It connects up to two devices at the same time, making you enjoy auto Pokémon catching and prop collecting with your friend together!


Longer battery life - 580 mAH

Easier charging 

Equipped with eco-friendly energy storage device "Supercapacitor" which operates up to 14 days under *normal use! It takes only 90 minutes to fully charge!

It features "Type-C" in charging and bundles a "USB C to USB C cable" charging cable, which can be charged by the other device with Type-C port!

* The battery life test conditions:

After fully charged, Auto catch and auto collect activated for 3~4 hr per day;Vibration activated ; Power Saving Mode disactivated, and two devices are connected at the same time.

What's is included

Auto Catch CARRY (Pika Yellow / Phantom Black) x1

USB C to USB C cable x1

Retractable reel x 1

Pattern sticker x 1

Manual(Multilingual) x1

Brook Gaming kanban girl sticker x 1

Thank-you card x 1