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Brook Design - Pocket Auto Watchic / Watchic Plus for Pokemon Go Plus Pocket Auto Catch Pocket Trainer Dual Catchmon Gotcha Evolve

S$ 115.00


Pocket Auto Watchic Plus is latest edition (Sept 2022) of Brook Gaming Pocket Series equip with built-in clock, integrated USB charging, 0.96" Color Display, IPX7 Waterproof and battery life indicator. And, now also support two devices connected at the same time. 

New institutional design! Prevent from falling out of wrist strap

Get a Pocket Auto Watchic Plus for Pokemon Go to save your time for your family bonding.
You can multitask as father, mother, daughter or son while as a Pokemon hunter!

Why buy Pokemon Go Plus whereby the local seller is only able to offer 7 days warranty or 'test on the spot' warranty? And the worst part is Niantic no longer in production and cannot be restock. The upcoming device, Poke Ball Plus has a higher retailer price tag and release on Nov 2018 (no autocatch function ok?) If you plan to get Pokemon Go Plus you most probably getting a china clone by pay for Niantic Authentic Pokemon Go Plus price tag.

- Auto catch all generations of Pokemon found on wild

- Auto spin and collect items from Pokestop/Gyms.

- Built-in time (require time calibration with "Pocket Center" App for the first time)

- Anti-drop wristband design

- Integrated USB Charging (can insert catcher directly onto USB 5v port)

- Vibration feedback to alerts you or you can simply disable vibration to conserve the battery consumption 

- Battery life indicator so you know when it's time to re-charge the battery

- Firmware is upgrade-able (via "Pocket Center" App)

- Support IOS and Android 

- One year local warranty offered by Dericam Singapore AP. (One to one replacement for defective unit)

- Available in colours,  RED, BLUE and Black

- Dericam Singapore AP is the only authorized RMA Service Center in Singapore.

## This product is not sponsored, endorsed or approved by The Pokemon Company or Niantic ##

Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery 
Rated Capacity 120Ah 

What's is included

Pocket Auto Catch Watchic Plus x1 (Black/Red/Blue)
Black/Red/Blue strap x 1
Manual(Multilingual) x1


- Device requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone with Pokemon Go app installed.

- Auto catch works for both Android and IOS


1. How long is does charging take/last for?

Ans: A full charge takes approx. 90 minutes+ and lasts for approx. 240 hours with continuous use.

2.Does it auto disconnect every hour?

Ans: Yes. It's work exactly like regular Pokemon Go Plus

3. Does it auto-spin at Gyms?

Ans: Yes.

4. Can you be banned for using Brook Pokemon Gadget?

Ans: No. This device only registers as a "Pokemon GO +Plus device". It is still using the appropriate API and appropriate BLE signature. THIS DOES NOT ALTER OR MANIPULATE THE GAME DATA IN ANYWAY. It does not violate the terms of service and/or infringe on Niantic or Nintendo's agreement with "end users". This device is simply a peripheral as is the "Pokemon GO Plus" device