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Brook Design - Wingman SNES

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Nintendo introduced NES, SNES, NewFC, and SFC game consoles in 1986 and 1990 respectively; in the meantime, numerous classic and popular video games were launched, turning into the precious memories of many people. Do you want to play games on classic consoles with new generation controllers?

Wingman SNES is a cutting-edge product, allowing players to play games on retro NES, SNES, NewFC, SFC, Analogue Nt mini and Hyperkin RetroN 3 consoles with new generation controllers. You can enjoy the time travel with your favorite joystick or gamepad! Just immerse in the Pixel World.

Wingman SNES also grants controllers Turbo and Remap features, subverting the traditional game settings. The combination of the era and the classic creates a brand new gaming experience!

Plug and Play Design


Wingman SNES supports the six retro consoles, NES, SNES, NewFC, SFC, Analogue Nt mini and Hyperkin RetroN 3. Players don’t have to worry about the compatibility between controllers and retro consoles at relative’s or friend’s premises.

Its appearance is in harmony with the design of retro consoles, serving as a perfect collection and furnishing. Players can enjoy the intergenerational new experience.

Support 125+ Controllers


Allowing players to play games with their favorite controllers is always the goal that Brook has been striving toward. Even though numerous controllers constellate the market, we still keep moving forward in this direction.

Wingman SNES supports most controllers on the market up to 125 kinds, and the quantity it supports will continue to increase based on market demand!

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